TUKIJAs operating procedures guideline has been updated

9.12.2020 13.15

The updated guideline will be implemented immediately. English version of the updated guideline will be available in the coming weeks.

The composition of the committee has been supplemented by a decision of the Government.
Another key change in the guideline concerns electronic services, into which the committee will change in stages. Applications for opinions and notifications concerning clinical trials can now be sent as a security e-mail to hakemukset(at)tukija.fi.

Email attachments are requested to be sent in uncompressed pdf versions.

Inquiries regarding the processing of applications are requested to be sent to info(at)tukija.fi

For more information, please contact Outi Konttinen, Project Manager, tel. +358 295209547 or Marko Ahteensuu, Senior Officer, tel. +358 295209328

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)tukija.fi